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Are you an International/Exchange student?
Are you interested in our Faculty, but you don't speak Greek?

This topic is for you!

Ask anything you want, in English, and NTUA Chemical Engineering students will try to help you.

You want help about the Erasmus program? Check out the Erasmus - NTUA and the Erasmus Student Network - NTUA web pages.
Are you from Saitama University in Japan? You may contact Antonis Karantonis.
You may find more information about exchanges on our faculty's website.

This website is an unofficial (but very active) students' discussion board where you may find news, help and opinions on anything concerning the NTUA and the ChemEng faculty in particular.

You may try auto-translating this page using a website translator or your browser (native support or with an add-on). Of course, keep in mind that this is automatic and there's a high risk for mistakes!

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